Boutique Shoes With S[e]oul

ASHLEY LIM creates beautiful shoes that combine contemporary designs with high-quality craftsmanship. Architecturally inspired, every style is crafted to effortlessly transition from a confident nine-to-five to a vibrant evening with a superb level of comfort.

Our Vision

It’s the Holy Grail: the search for the season’s most stylish shoes, yet so comfortable that they are a pure joy to live in as well. This quest for perfect balance is what defines shoes by ASHLEY LIM, which combines the best of Seoul’s hand-craftsmanship with Sydney’s contemporary design sensibility.

ASHLEY LIM believes women can have it all: stylish, memorable and elegant shoes that are so comfortable, they can effortlessly transition from the nine-to-five day to a high-octane evening.

If ‘luxury’ is defined as a state of superior comfort and elegance – a pleasure rarely obtained – then it is our commitment to bringing luxury to everyday necessity and making every ordinary day, extraordinary.

The Visionary Behind ASHLEY LIM

In case you’ve ever wondered who designs our shoes and how the eponymous brand ASHLEY LIM came about, I’d love to tell you my personal story.

Prior to establishing ASHLEY LIM, I worked as a professional architect. Working in a corporate practice, I always carried several pairs of shoes - from trainers, to walking flats, to high heels for the office, and those gorgeous shoes you want to wear for after-work dinner and drinks.

I must confess I envied the men in their classy dress shoes comfortably wearing the same shoes from morning till night.

I always wondered, “why can't women have it all?” 


That's how my boutique shoe brand ASHLEY LIM came about. I wanted to create fabulously divine shoes that are so comfortable that you want to live in them all day long.

As a former architect, I tapped into my love of structure and form to raise the stakes in style and comfort. Incorporating my passion for surrealism and a 'less is more' approach, I strive to create timeless classics that are elevated with future-thinking fashion. My designs are underpinned by an unwavering commitment to superior craftsmanship and finishes: hand stitched uppers, high-grade ergonomic cushioning, premium leather and fabric for maximum comfort. By leaning into my architectural background I have been able to create shoes that provide a delicate balance between structure, form and function.

My shoe designs are inspired by the inner strength, beauty, and complexity that embodies the journey of modern womanhood. My driving aspiration is to transform every ordinary day into an extraordinary day.

Since launching in 2014, ASHLEY LIM has achieved so much. I'm delighted to see my shoes featured in prestigious fashion magazines, and most recently, I was honoured to be recognised as one of the '10 Top Asian Fashion Designers To Note', by Habitus Magazine.

Well, that’s enough about me! Dive deeper into ASHLEY LIM by checking out the links below.



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