Boutique Shoes With S[e]oul

Extraordinary Ordinary Day combines contemporary designs with architecturally crafted comfort, busting down the demarcation line between work and play.

It’s the Holy Grail: the search for the season’s most stylish shoes, yet ones so comfortable that they are a pure joy to live in as well. This quest for perfect balance is what defines Extraordinary Ordinary Day (EOD), which combines the best of Seoul’s hand-craftsmanship with Sydney’s contemporary design sensibility.

EOD believes women can have it all: stylish, memorable and elegant shoes that are so comfortable, they can effortlessly transition from the nine-to-five day to a high-octane evening.  

As a former architect, creative director Ashley Lim has tapped into her love of structure and form to raise the stakes in style and comfort. Additionally, she incorporates her passion for surrealism and a less-is-more approach to create timeless classics adorned with unexpected twists.

If ‘luxury’ is defined as a state of superior comfort and elegance – a pleasure rarely obtained – then it is our commitment to bringing luxury to everyday necessity and making every ordinary day, extraordinary.



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