“I feel like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz who was given a pair of magic shoes. They haven’t yet taken me to the wonderful land of Oz but Paris, Stockholm and Palermo in Sicily are just as good. The endless compliments I received when out and about in them made me come back for more because I know that these pairs too will take me to good places. They are true to the brand name as they are extraordinary and so practical which is what’s so great about them. I believe that wonderful shoes should be for everyday and feel very special even on not so great days."

- Rose LukerArchitecture, PR & Jeweller


“As a podiatrist and a self-confessed shoe fanatic, I understand how critical it is for women to have comfortable and supportive options within fashionable shoe ranges. The EOD shoes are perfect for me as they are not only fashion forward and stylish but their low to mid heel designs along with its high-grade cushioned insole provide that ideal level of comfort for everyday wear."

- Kylie McCullohThe President of the Podiatry Association


"Thanks to Extraordinary Ordinary Day for making the most comfortable shoes ever! They get me through a long day without making me sore. The shoes really are the perfect balance of both style and comfort!"

- Jules SebastianTelevision Presenter & Stylist


I have purchased a number pairs of EOD shoes. One doesn't suffice. My favourite is my Silver Ecstasy Loafers - which like all of my EOD shoes fit like a glove and feel fabulous. The quality of the product extends beyond the shoes to the the whole EOD experience - from the packaging to the service. Creative Director & Founder Ashley, has created an incredible collection of extraordinary, exquisitely crafted shoes. They are works of art. Almost too beautiful to wear - but too beautiful not to!"

- Emma Rees-RaaijmakersFounder & Principal Architect


"EOD shoes combine beauty, quality and's SO rare to find all three together. After a lifetime of struggling with 'non-standard' feet, I've finally found my shoe nirvana. I'm a serial collector...and I always get compliments whenever I wear them."  

- Ruth Deakin Crick Professor at UTS and University of Brisbane


"I was just in Paris the capital of fashion, and everyone was offering me comments and compliments on my EOD shoes. One man even crossed over the street to say to me 'j'adore vos chaussures'." 

- Katrina DoylePaediatrician


"EOD shoes have made an amazing difference to my work day. I'm a business consultant that works with professionals in the CBD. And I'm hooked on your Ecstacy loafers. They let me walk across town to client meetings without having to schlep around with a change of shoes. They let me race for the ferry without worrying if I'm going to get a heel caught. They let me be on my feet for day-long workshops without any back pain. They work with dresses, skirts and trousers without looking 'orthotic'. My feet and my podiatrist are delighted."

- Sue-Ella ProdonovichBusiness Consultant


"Everything about EOD is fabulous. Great functional, comfortable unique shoes, charming service and a designer knows what a women needs to make an ordinary day extraordinary."

- Kirsten Mallam | Business Integrator