Wardrobe Staples | Style Structure

Downsizing and simplifying your life is a mindset that has been a growing trend over the last few years, both in lifestyle and fashion. It focuses on what is important in your life, prioritisig people and experiences over material possessions. It teaches us how to invest wisely in the quality of things that we have instead of the quantity of them.
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Vivacious Vivid Velvet

Our new collection Scarlett offers a sense of sophisticated elegance and feminine glamour; thanks to velvet as our new primary material. Yet, there is a discernible sense of scepticism surrounding the practicality of these velvet shoes as everyday wear. With the right type of tender care and maintenance, velvet shoes can be the perfect adornment for your feet and can add a sensual touch to any outfit.

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A woman’s choice of shoes in the workplace: should it really matter?

2017 had just started when an article regarding a women’s lack of heels in the workplace was published in the New York Times. We could hardly believe our eyes as we read on. In May 2016, London based receptionist and actress, Nicola Thorp was sent home for wearing flats to work. “The company expected me to do a nine-hour shift on my feet escorting clients to meeting rooms,” Ms.Thorp recalled. “I told them that I just wouldn’t be able to do that in heels.”

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Women's March, The Global Movement

January 21st 2017- a day every feminist will remember. 

Although the main focus remained on the Women's March on Washington, the protest gathered immense international support, with "sister marches" occurring in over 200 cities in 81 countries, and global participation numbers estimated at over 4.8 million.

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Why Being Cheap Costs You More | Business Insider

'If you're cheap, it's costing you more,' reports Business Insider.

Supersaver and millionaire Chris Reiner explains how being cheap can actually cost you money in the long run, in regards to the extra time and money you will spend on repeatedly repurchasing replacement items. Reining applies this theory to his purchase of towels and finds that, in spending 3 times as much up front for a $60 towel rather than a cheaper $20 towel, he saves 7 times in the long run. 

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